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Men’s Wide Sneakers

Giesswein men’s wide sneakers are here to help those who find standard shoes too narrow or too tight. The added width helps to offer a comfortable and improved fit so you can enjoy every single step, every single day. Our special and unique 3D stretch technology allows greater flexibility when on the go which caters for feet that are slightly wider than average. You will be able to achieve and enjoy a relaxed, comfortable fit without the concern they’ll cause issues later in the day.

Mens wide width sneakers


Explore Men’s Wide Sneakers

We currently provide three core sneaker types: wool knit shoes which are perfect for casualwear and everyday use, merino runners for those who like to be more active, as well as the Wool Cross X which is a high-performance sports sneaker. With comfort at the forefront of our designs, a width G shoe is often the standard which we very much cater for.


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Merino Runners

Made from 100% merino wool, these comfortable sneakers are designed to be lightweight, flexible, and comfortable on your feet. Not only that, the natural properties of the merino wool will ensure that your feet remain warm in winter and cool over the summer months. Additionally, our 3D stretch tech means that these shoes work great as both running shoes and as a casual day-to-day sneaker.

Mens wide shoes


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Wool Knit Sneakers

Our merino wool knit sneakers have a very unique and casual look. They are an ideal shoe for general everyday wear. Much like the rest of the Giesswein offering, the wool’s properties regulate the temperature inside the shoe and absorb moisture away from your feet. This is what helps give you such a comfortable fit. Thanks to the coziness of the merino wool, you can even go barefoot! Ultimately, our special sole system boasts a slip-free grip and stable foothold.

Mens wide width black sneakers
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Trail Shoes

Our Wool Cross X trail sneaker is the world’s first high-performance shoe with a 100% Merino wool lining. It’s suitable for a magnitude of activities ranging from hiking, sports, and everyday wear. Ideal for those looking for more than your average men’s wide sneaker. Furthermore, they feature a removable performance insole so you can find that perfect fit.

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For more information about our Giesswein sneakers, visit our FAQs  page.
We know a whole range of size types exist; meaning you may need more than shoe size. Explore our sizing chart to find the best fit.


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