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Blog > News

Merino Sheep: Everything You Need to Know

Merino sheep are a breed that originated in Spain, and are now predominantly bred in Australia and New Zealand for their wool. These sheep became popular as they are tough and can survive in a large variety of different climates. Their wool can be used for many products, including wool trainers or sneakers.

What are Merino Sheep bred for?

Merino sheep are mainly bred for their wool, although they are sometimes used for meat production. Merino wool is extremely fine compared to other wool types, and so far more desirable for clothing products. Despite being fine, this wool is also durable and some of its first appearances in garments was military wear. After the first world war, it found its way into fashion. It has since been used by many designers and remains a popular material due to its many benefits.

With its breathable properties, it’s no wonder merino sheep’s wool is used in clothing. From jackets, to shoes you’ll never be as comfortable as you are in merino.

What’s so Special About Merino Wool?

As we said, the wool from merino sheep is highly desirable, its fine diameter means it’s gentle on the skin whilst being extremely soft. But this isn’t the only benefit of this unique fibre. Merino wool’s other properties include it being temperature regulating, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s naturally antibacterial, repelling unpleasant odors, so even after a few wears you’ll still smell better than ever!

When it comes to sports clothing, the merino makes the perfect fabric. It’s moisture wicking so any sweat is taken away from the skin and out to the surface of the fabric. Keeping you dry at all times. It’s no wonder so many people want to take advantage of the wool from these wonderful sheep.

merino sheep produce the softest wool

Even better, merino wool can be easily washed. So whether you need to wash your wool jacket, or even your trainers, you’ll be able to do it simply in the washing machine.

Extra Comfortable Merino Sneakers

The benefits of this sheep’s wool really shines in footwear. Our range of women’s sneakers and men’s sneakers take full advantage of this. From the Wool Cross X sports shoe utilising the wool’s natural water resistance and temperature regulating, to our Merino Runners being so gentle and comfortable on the feet that you’ll want to wear them barefoot.

merino wool makes a fantastic material for shoes

The Best Merino Products

But merino products don’t end at your feet, the wool also makes other wonderful products. Our women’s beanies and men’s beanies are brilliant for cold winter days walking to and from work, as well as for sports such as skiing and cycling. There really is nothing that this fabric can’t do!

merino sheep wool has many benefits

Whether you’re looking to cosy up for the day at home, or looking for an outdoor adventure, merino products are the perfect companion only to be rivalled by virgin wool. Our virgin wool slippers come in a wide range of styles, from slipper socks, to slip on slippers, there really is a pair to suit everyone’s lifestyle. These slippers will keep even the coldest of feet warm.

the most comfortable slippers made from merino wool

Is Merino Wool Ethical?

The merino wool we use at Giesswein is ethically sourced. We worked closely with farms in Uruguay to ensure that the wool is mulesing free. Mulesing is when the skin at the rear of a sheep is removed to stop insect infestations. But Uruguay doesn’t have these bugs and so the sheep don’t need to be cut.

Merino sheep’s wool never stops growing, and so has to be shorn at least once a year. This is not only done for the sake of the wool, but without being shorn the sheep can suffer from health problems including blindness, so it is a necessity. As the wool is constantly renewed, it is a sustainable resource that is also biodegradable. In line with our green initiative, we don’t let any material go to waste in our factory so every single piece of wool is used. We strive to make all of our products as sustainable as possible, this includes our eco-slippers, alongside our other footwear.

About Giesswein

We are a third-generation run merino wool company from Austria. We specialise in trainers and slippers, as well as a range of other high quality wool products. Not only do we make sure our wool is as sustainable as can be, but we also recycle 90% of the water we use too.