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Blog > News

4 Creative Ways to Tie Your Shoes

You get a new pair of shoes, slip them onto your feet, lace them up, and head out the door. We almost never think about how we tie our shoes—we just do it, right? Think again! There are a few different ways to tie shoes in a fresh, eye-catching way. We’ll show you how!


Classic Tying Shoes Method

The crisscrossed way of lacing up your shoes is beloved for good reason—you can never go wrong with a classic. When you unpack your Giesswein Merino shoes, you’ll find that this is how we’ve laced them up.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Simply thread the laces alternatively and diagonally through the eyelets.

  2. At the end, tie the laces into a bow, OR:

  3. On the last eyelet, thread the lace from the outside towards the inside, and then:

  4. Tie the laces behind the shoe’s tongue and tuck them into the shoe for a cool “hidden” look.

Check our Giesswein shoelaces that’ll add a fresh style and pop of color to your favourite sneakers. 


Parallel laces

With this technique, your laces will run parallel to each other across the shoe. This look is perfect for elegant shoes or simple sneakers.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start with a completely unlaced shoe. Then, starting with the shoe’s bottom eyelets, lace directly across from the outside towards the inside.

  2. On the left side, skip one eyelet and pull the lace from the inside towards the outside (in the 3rd eyelet.)

  3. Take the right lace and pull it through the second eyelet—from the inside towards the outside. Then, pull it straight across through the second loop on the left side, threading from the outside towards the inside.

  4. Then, staying on the same side of the shoe, skip the 3rd eyelet. Thread the lace through the 4th eyelet from the inside towards the outside.

  5. Repeat on the opposite side.

  6. Finally, either hide the ends of the laces or tie them into a bow.


“Army”-style cross-lacing

To lace your shoes with this unique technique, they’ll need to have at least six eyelets. To make this look even cooler, opt for laces that are a different color than the shoes themselves. Our Lace Box is a great way to get this pop of color—the box includes two different lace color options for our Giesswein Merino Shoes: classic and colored.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start with the very bottom set of two eyelets.

  2. Pull the lace through both bottom eyelets from the inside towards the outside.

  3. Then, in the next eyelet up on each sides, pull the lace through from the outside towards the inside.

  4. Pull the right lace through the tongue’s loop, and then pull it directly through the eyelet on the left side.

  5. Then, pull the lace through the top eyelet—from the outside towards the inside.

  6. Repeat on the other side.


This variation is both fun and casual. Lacing your shoes with this crisscrossed pattern is especially great for giving some special pep to your everyday shoes. Even though it might look complicated, don’t worry—it’s easy to do!

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start with the very bottom set of two eyelets. Pull the lace through both bottom eyelets from the inside towards the outside.

  2. Take the left lace and pull it across the shoe. From the outside in, pull the lace through the 3rd eyelet. Then, on the same side and with the same lace, pull through the 2nd eyelet from the inside towards the outside.

  3. Pull the same lace across the shoe, and lace through the 4th eyelet from the outside towards the inside.

  4. Repeat on the right side.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, try out these new lace techniques on your Merino RunnersMerino Wool Knit or Wool Cross X.