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The Best House Shoes for Winter Days

Choosing the best house shoes for winter is critical in making sure you’re warm and cozy through the colder weather. As the temperatures cool, keeping your feet warm is a great way to stay comfortable at home. There’s no better way to do this than investing in a cozy pair of the best house shoes. 

Table of Contents:

What Makes A Good House Shoe?

Comfortable & Warm House Shoes

Best House Shoes for Working From Home

Best House Shoes for Outdoor Wear

Why Choose Giesswein House Shoes


What Makes a Good House Shoe?

The best house shoe is one that keeps you comfortable, warm, and is soft on your feet. The best house shoe can improve your posture, as well as keep your feet protected and cushioned all day long. At Giesswein, we have a large variety of  men’s wool slippers and  women’s wool slippers so everyone can be comfortable at home this winter. 

Comfortable & Warm House Shoes  

At Giesswein, we prioritize your feet. We know they need to be warm, comfortable, and cushioned all day long. There’s little worse than having tired, achy feet. This winter, protect your feet with the best house shoes. Our  slippers are made from  virgin wool, a softer and finer material than other  types of wool. It makes the perfect material for house shoes. 

Virgin wool means a lamb’s first shear, or wool that has been unprocessed. This makes a supersoft material for the outer and lining of our house shoes. It isn’t just soft, it is also durable and  moisture wicking. They’ll last you long past winter, and keep your feet dry - perfect  slippers for sweaty feet. No matter what you’re doing around the house, from cleaning, to working, to lounging on the couch watching your favorite movie, these are the best house shoes that are gentle on your feet.

house shoes perfect for winter and colder months

Best House Shoes for Working From Home

Working from home? No problem! You can pop on the best house shoes under your desk, and stay cozy for your 9 to 5. If you usually get chilly at work, Giesswein have the best  slippers for cold feet. If you plan on wearing your slippers all day, you’re going to want something soft and flexible that allows you to move comfortably around your home all day long. Many of the best house shoes and slippers feature lightweight rubber soles that move with your feet, to keep you comfortable all winter long. The best house shoes for working from home are ones that will keep your feet toasty and warm all day long.

Best House Shoes For Outdoor Wear

The best house shoes are ones that can withstand a quick dash outside. Whatever you use your house shoes for, you should be able to rely on them for comfort at all times. If you need to run and take the trash out, or take the dog out into the backyard, you need house shoes that are durable and water resistant. The best house shoes for this are slippers with rubber soles, like the unisex  Veitsch Wool Slipper, or cork-based soles, like the  Chamerau slipper, so you can easily wipe them clean. The thicker soles also mean they’ll keep you stable on your feet. Virgin wool naturally wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry from the morning dew or light rain. Use our useful guide to help you know  how to choose outdoor slippers. From ballet styles, to unisex slip ons, to sturdy outdoor slippers, you can choose the best house shoes with Giesswein. With a wide variety of colors and styles, your options are endless. You shouldn’t need to  wash your wool slippers, but if you do, you can simply pop them in the washing machine for a refresh! 

Why Choose Giesswein House Shoes

Everyone finds different things important when choosing the best house shoe, which is why our range of slippers and house shoes are fit for everybody. From unisex designs, slip-on slippers, and fuller shoe slippers, you can find everything you need in the best house shoe this winter. 

The  Vent slipper is a wool house shoe with a fuller, closed design which keeps them safely on your feet and keeps you as cozy as possible. With its woollen, interchangeable comfort footbed, cushioning rubber sole, and unisex design, this slipper is the best house shoe for cool winter nights. The  Woolpops slipper is a low, slip-on house shoe with an environmentally-friendly colorful sole to brighten up those winter nights. Thanks to our unique 3D-Knit Technique, they’re soft, flexible, and durable. With a slip-free natural rubber sole, these are the best house shoes to keep you stable on your feet. Our house shoes which feature an interchangeable footbed mean you can add additional cushioning by turning the best house shoes into  slippers with arch support

The virgin wool we use in our slippers has a range of amazing qualities which make them the best house shoes for winter days. All of our virgin wool house shoes benefit from these properties:

  • Super soft - just what you want from cozy slippers
  • Flexible - so your feet can relax too
  • Durable - they’ll last longer than just the winter
  • Breathable - so your feet can breathe 
  • Moisture wicking - to keep your feet dry
  • Insulating - to keep you warm and cozy
  • Machine washable - so they’re always fresh and clean

house shoes perfect for short trips outside

Giesswein Comfortable Footwear All Year Round

We are Giesswein, a third generation family business that puts foot comfort at the top of our to do list. From house shoes, to slippers, from  men’s sneakers to  women’s sneakers, we’ve got you covered. You can discover the supersoft qualities of merino and virgin wool, and say hello to newfound comfortable footwear all year long.